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Name Of School


Level Of Education SECONDARY SCHOOL School Sponsor COMMUNITY
School Address 1293 NANYUKI Girls Boys Mixed MIXED
Public Or Private PUBLIC Day Or Boarding DAY ONLY
Code A2050612 Ordinary Or Special ORDINARY

Contact Information

Province CENTRAL Sub Location KAHURURA
District NYERI School Zone GAKAWA
Division KIENI EAST Costituency KIENI
Location GAKAWA Geolocation (-0.039898, 37.100908)

Enrolment Information

Total Enrolment2007 Total Boys
Pupil Teacher Ratio 0 Total Girls
Pupil Classroom Ration

Teaching Staff Information

Total Teachingstaff 3
TSCMale Teachers 0 TSCFemale Teachers 0
Local Authority Male Teachers 0 Other Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0 Other Female Teachers 0
PTABoardof Governors Male Teacher 2 Non Teaching Staff Male 0
PTABoardof Governors Female Teacher 1 Non Teaching Staff Female 1
Acreage 4 Acreage Per Enrolment 0

Other Information

Pupil Toilet Ratio Girls Toilets
Total No Of Classrooms Teachers Toilets
Boys Toilet Total Toilets
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